Who we are

Project Green Ribbon (PGR) is 100% run by volunteers, people from all walks of life who come from within the community.


PGR is a communication platform and a bridge for the unheard. We are PURPOSE – DRIVEN in building Mental Resilience, and Purposeful Lives for a better community.


A Non-Profit / Non-Governmental (NGO) organization.


To empower, educate every generation towards building mental resilience and eradicate Mental Health Stigma.

The Unheard

An initiative by PGR to give a voice to the unheard in our community.

Mental Health Community Responder

A signature mental health program. It is designed to equip learners with basic responding skills. 

Volunteer with us

Our community is growing and we welcome anyone who wants to do good work.

Professional therapy Directory

We help to connect and be the bridge to seeking professional help.

Our Mission

To give a voice to the Unheard, and be a community of Support Hope through creating a presence in society.

0 %
of the world population will suffer from Mental Health Related Illness.
mental health support
0 Billion
That is the number. 1 in 4 people. (WHO)
mental health support
0 %
adults receiving Mental Health Treatment
30 %
do not seek help and treatment
mental health support
0 Million
die each year due to mental illness

Community Partners

Project Green Ribbon

Be Part Of Our Dynamic Mental Health Community


Join us in our social experiment or submit your own story.

Community Writers

A platform to express your thoughts and opinions about mental health.


Everyone has a special story to share. Your journaling journey can begin with us.


To give is to receive. We are open to everyone.

Creative Self Expressions

Expressions can come in many forms - art is a form of therapy too.

Meet the team

It takes a passionate and dedicated team to run Project Green Ribbon.

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A word from the founders

The act of giving, the act of kindness, the act of listening with a heart. These could possibly change not just one, but many people’s lives, because they have found a sense of belonging and the support that they have been searching for. 

Not only have they received grace, but they returned to the community even when they were in better conditions. They returned to share the grace, love, kindness, and support that they received to others who are in need.

Many feel rejected, depressed, and isolated from society and its norms. That gave me another reason to keep on fighting my personal struggles and conditions, renewing the passion in me till this very day. Because I realised I am no longer alone.


We can all make a difference no matter who we are or where we come from.

Ling Anne Hsieh


Iskandar Mahadi


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Singapore Mental Health Beyond The Label Campaign Short Film

CARA Unmask:

An Emotional Support App

A Safe Space to Talk About How You Feel, Because You Matter.

CARA Unmask is an emotional support app that empowers users to take control of and improve their mental wellness. Have anonymous and secure conversations with peer and counselling support anytime, anywhere.

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