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Project Green Ribbon is a ground-up initiative founded by the community for the community. We are a youth-led organisation dedicated to lending support to those struggling with their

Mental Health
and to allow the unheard to be heard.
''the power of healing yourself through helping others''
Ling Anne Hsieh
"Don't count the days, make the days count. We only have one life."
Iskandar Mahadi
Co- Founder

Special Advisor

Irene Ang

Ms Irene Ang

The epitome of a true Singaporean entertainer, Irene Ang’s story from rags to riches is truly a remarkable one. From her youth days as a fencing athlete, selling toys at Department store to her early career as an insurance agent, Irene Ang eventually found her footing in show business when she scored the iconic role of Rosie Phua in Singapore’s most prolific sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd (1997-2007). Since then, she has won multiple awards as a comedy actress, becoming one of very few elite actors to have bagged the Asian Television Award for Best Comedy Performance twice.   It is no surprise that with Irene’s business acumen, vision, passion and tenacity for the entertainment industry, she eventually founded FLY Entertainment in 1999 with her S$2,000 savings when she noticed a gap in the Singapore market for talent management. Throughout the years, Irene has led FLY Entertainment through tumultuous times such as the 2003 SARS outbreak and the 2009 Financial Crisis. Today, FLY Entertainment has grown to become Singapore’s leading talent agency with over 57 local & regional artistes, and award-winning divisions in event management and marketing.   With multiple successful ventures in her portfolio, Irene has also found great pleasure in sharing her experiences becoming an entrepreneur and tackling the hardships in life and business. As a motivational speaker, she has given talks at renowned universities, banking corporations, and government statutory boards. One of the most prominent talks she has given was for TEDxSingaporeWomen 2013, where she shared about how nurturing talents helped nurture herself as a human being. With an incredible career spanning decades, Irene Ang continues to flourish as an unformidable force in the Singapore entertainment industry.

Board Members

Dr Jasmine Badge

I am a firm believer of the idea that people, no matter what their diagnosis is, they can be helped (treated) to live a fulfilling life through psychotherapy. The act of listening is a gift we can always offer another soul sharing our path. My role with those I worked with was so intimate, as they revealed who they were, what happened, and who they are now. In every instance, what had been a downward spiraling life became an example of miraculous survival, offering proof to others that nothing has to defeat us. With more than 12 years of experience in trauma, relationships, child development, and psychology as a psychotherapist, speaker, and authenticity coach … My cognitive model facilitates long-term changes in the brain and nervous system, helping clients break through unconscious barriers and rediscover a sense of self-worth, belonging, and connection.

Mr Alrick Dorett

Alrick has been in the advertising industry for the last 25 years. A CPA by trade, he is currently the COO of TBWA Singapore and Malaysia, and the Chief Pricing Officer for TBWA Asia. Alrick has been part of the transformation team and operationalising those outcomes with the companies that he has worked for. His interest lies in incorporating technology into businesses, B2B pricing, and coaching and mentoring start-ups and troubled businesses. Alrick is also Co-founder of The Brilliant Foundation.

Chia Lai Soon

Mr Chia Lai Soon

An expert in the Engineering Industry with over 30 years of professional experience. Lai Soon is also a familiar face with Lions Community Service Foundation (LCSF). A Lion member since 2002, he has dedicated his time and committed to helping others in need. In year 2007 Lai Soon was Club President of LCSF before moving on to being a Cabinet Secretary in 2015. He is now the Chairperson of Shun Zhong Tang Temple. Currently still serving as a board member with LCSF. He strongly believes for a society to be healthy and wealthy, we need to be united as one.

Ms Lim Lei Theng

A practicing educator for 28 years from 1992 to 2020, Lei Theng now holds dual roles at Allen & Gledhill. As Head of Knowledge Management, she manages, curates, harnesses, and maximises the vast resources of a premier legal powerhouse to support the work of top legal practitioners in all fields. As co-head of the Pro Bono programme, she develops, manages, coordinates, and runs pro-bono initiatives aimed at creating opportunities for synergy between complex high-end legal work and the needs of the community.

Padma Jairam

Ms Padma Jairam

Padma is grateful for the opportunity to experience the combination of law, education and psychology backgrounds because these prepared her for the work she does today. Through a long journey of ongoing self-discovery, she has found her sweet spot of working in dual roles as a counselling psychologist and a teacher. Her central belief is that everyone deserves a second chance and that nobody should be alone in their time of need.

Eric Trijbels

Mr Eric Trijbels

"Eric is a banking professional with 15+years of experience in the financial services industry. He currently works as Trade Portfolio Manager/Executive Director for a global Bank and is an avid trail runner, wildlife rescue volunteer, prison counselor, personal /career coach, dog trainer and art lover. While it doesn't define him, he is also a complex PTSD survivor."

Mr Yong Weng Hong

Organisations take pains to attract top brains and to keep them. However, not many have a strategy to look after the mental wellness of their staff. Weng Hong, in his current role as Executive Director of City Mental Health Alliance, is passionate about helping businesses create mentally healthy workplaces where people can thrive. Concurrently, Weng Hong is also a member of the Board of Advisors for Project Green Ribbon, a Fellow of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise and a member of APAC FP&A Advisory Council of Association for Financial Professional. Prior to these roles, he was a trusted finance veteran in the FMCG and beer industry. As Director of Business Control with Heineken, he sat on boards of both listed and privately held joint venture companies, transformed finance teams to business partners, improved margins through driving costs efficiency and managed pre and post M&A activities.

Ms Hanli Hoefer

Beyond working and partnering with brands that align with her values, Hanli sought to create something that definitively represented her views as a person of influence in Asia. Together with her co-host, she launched the popular podcast, Just So We’re Clear, which delves into topics surrounding modern womanhood and profiles trailblazing women. Through this, Hanli showcases her passions and values as she gives her take on what it means to be a modern Asian woman.

Mr Jeffrey Nah

Jeffrey was a banker turned entrepreneur, investor, and lecturer with over 40 years of professional experience spanning 7 countries. As Venture Builder, he advises startups on business model innovation, go-to-market strategy, leadership & talent development to drive business growth and expansion. He is a Registered Management Consultant (RMC) with the Institute of Management Consultants Singapore. He has mentored or invested in startups from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, USA. As Venture Builder, he provided market access, talent access and capital access to help the startups scale internationally.

Meet The Team

Volunteer Lead

Kyra is the queen of “can-is-can”, always willing to take on new adventures and try new tasks. She manages the programs, brainstorming, HR and Instagram of PGR. Kyra is a strong believer of being able to “have your cake and eat it too”, which drives the 110% effort she puts into her work.

Kyra Chong


Community Lead

Lawrence handles projects and leads in ideation and strategy planning in PGR. As a firm proponent of empathetic leadership, he believes everyone is on their own journey, each with an exciting story to tell. Lawrence is always down for a good conversation, eager to listen and ready to offer advice (should you seek).

Lawrence Liang


Website And Copywriter Lead

Rachel believes that communication is the most important factor in any relationship, giving her a natural inclination towards communications work (such as this website, which she loves). An energetic and fun-loving individual, Rachel believes that “it never costs anyone anything to help”, and channels this altruistic energy daily.

Rachel Loy


Health and Wellness Coach

A freelance writer by day, Nicole is a Singapore American with a penchant for all things holistic health/ wellness related. Perpetually found in workout gear, you can often find her sweating it out in a fitness class of some sort. Having struggled and since recovered from various mental health challenges, she firmly believes in the power of connection and community.

Nicole Friets


SEO Artist & Brand Custodian

SEO by day and content creator by night, Eugene undertakes the role of awareness and outreach while leading the company towards a strategic brand direction. He takes on a pivotal role to rank PGR on the first page across multiple search engines.

Eugene Leow


Creative Director

Ari is a passionate individual who puts her commitment first. She has a passion for Social Media Management Specialist and is actively involved in promoting mental health as a peer support and writer. With her positive disposition, she wants her friends to be more aware about Mental Health and be able to love themselves and live a life full of love.

Ari Priwandhini


Our Consultants

IT Consultant

Paul has been in the software industry for over thirty years, and in that time he has delivered all shapes and sizes of software. When he’s not writing code, he enjoys playing guitar as well as writing and recording music.

Paul Parks


Fitness Consultant

As a ​Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Fardly's training plan includes training your mind holistically while working on your physical fitness goals. Fardly is a huge advocate of Fitness and Mental Health.

Fardly Ismail


Management Consultant

Larson lives by his mantra 'Thing Big, Win The World', bringing his award-winning creative agency, Visual Studio, to hit SGD 1 Million in 2007. A Marketer by trade, Larson is also a certified digital strategist, registered management consultant, experienced adult educator, and corporate trainer.

Ong Larson


Creative Consultant

Yohan Kusuma


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