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Everyone has a story and our stories all have something in common – we all start from nothing.

People want to hear stories. They want to hear our stories. They want to know where we are from, what we are doing, who we love, and where we are going. We want to inspire you to know your story, so you can share it with others.

Written by Authored Community Contributors

Thank You Letter to Myself

Self-love and feeling comfortable in my own skin seems hard to achieve. I wrote a letter to myself to remind myself that I am whole and complete, deserving of love, and capable of change.

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Filled to Fill

In a world where women are expected to be givers and providers, there is no way for her to fill another’s cup unless hers is filled first.

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A Mother's Plea

A Mother’s Plea

Being a Mother is a 24-hour job that pays in love and lessons learnt. Parenting is hard work, more so if you’re suffering emotionally and mentally. Yet, nothing can buy a parent’s love for their children.

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Written by Anonymous Authors

Leap into Recovery

Recovery means making small leaps in a new direction. Some days are dark, but the only way to move towards recovery, is to step into the sun.

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Heroes of Lived Experiences

Mental health survivors are not awarded a title after they make a complete recovery.
Recovery is never linear.
Here are the stories of the lived experiences of various mental health survivors.

Xiu Wen’s Experience

I started showing signs of depression back when I was about 16.

Back then, when resources on mental health were scarce, it didn’t really cross my mind that I was suffering from depression. I just felt ill and different from others.

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Jamie’s Experience

Growing up was a roller coaster ride. I spent every week split between two houses that treated me and my brother differently – the rules were different, the way of living was different, there was even a struggle on the religion side.

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Emma’s Experience

My entry into the world was traumatic. Things didn’t get better as a teenager. I fell into depression and attempted to end my own life. But my long dark tunnel held the faintest glimmer at the end. This battle is not over.

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Angeline’s Experience

I had a really difficult childhood. It was not about the money or opportunities – my parents always provided and gave me what I needed. Rather, it was mainly the differences in terms of the way I see things vs how my family saw things.

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Last modified: September 13, 2021

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