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World Mental Health Day 2021

Mental Health Sharing Session

Trauma Informed Parenting

Mental Health Sharing Session

Childhood Trauma

Mental Health Sharing Session

Words Can Make A Difference

Mental Health Ideathon 2021

PGR Project Consultation Clinic

Youth Corps Singapore NYC
Event Mental Health Ideathon

Youths Community Talks

Corporate Webinars

Community Outreach

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Thank You Letter to Myself

Self-love and feeling comfortable in my own skin seems hard to achieve. I wrote a letter to myself to remind myself that I am whole and complete, deserving of love, and capable of change.

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Leap into Recovery

Recovery means making small leaps in a new direction. Some days are dark, but the only way to move towards recovery, is to step into the sun.

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Xiu Wen’s Experience

I started showing signs of depression back when I was about 16.

Back then, when resources on mental health were scarce, it didn’t really cross my mind that I was suffering from depression. I just felt ill and different from others.

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Last modified: October 11, 2021

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